Leather Suit Cleaning and Conditioning Service

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OneX USA is proud to offer a Leather Suit Cleaning and Conditioning Service for those who want to ensure their race gear stays fresh and lasts as long as possible.

The service from OneX USA involves specialist leather cleaning, liner cleaning,  inner suit cleaning and sanitization, and a nourishing external leather conditioning treatment.

The cost includes shipping expenses for picking the garment up and sending it back after cleaning.

Once OneX USA receives the online order for cleaning services a shipping label will be provided via email. The suit is then shipped to the OneX USA office where the suit is cleaned and conditioned. After the service is complete the suit will be shipped back.

On average, the suit will be sent back to you within 1 week of receipt.

Service includes:

·Postage To and From our office in Marietta, GA.

·Full Leather care treatment - (cleaning and sanitation of the Interior lining, interior cleaning and sanitation

·Exterior cleaning and full leather conditioning

***OneX USA reserves the right to reject, or return suits sent with critical hygiene conditions, in particular with mold, bloodstains or residual dirt that has thoroughly penetrated the leather and stitching.

***This service, offered by OneX USA IS NOT a laundry service. This is a specialized leather-care treatment which thoroughly cleans, sanitizes, and nourishes race suits.

***Our service is intended for used leather race suits which are required to be maintained properly so that the life of the suit can be extended.

***The result of the treatment is inevitably affected by the condition of the garments when they are sent and how they have been kept over time. This will not make your leathers like new!