ONEX USA Motorcycle Tire Warmer PRO - DIGITAL

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ONE X USA Motorcycle Tire Warmer PRO - A significant and essential accessory, that should be present in every TrackDay Rider and Top Notch Racer's Gear Bag.

Motorcycle tire warmers are developed to avoid cold tire crashes and to improve their capacity to go fast right after the green flag.

They also gives confidence for quicker lap times and to set the hot tire pressure even if still in Pit .

Can you imagine a the most recognized RACERS in the worls without a tire warmer?Neither you! They are basically as important as tires, breaks and gas, vital to any successful racer. 



  • 3 different series (Single Temp; Dual Temp 60/80; Digital)
  • 2 different colors (Black; Highlight Yellow)
  • Handcrafted Quality
  • Simple Disconnect Power Cord
  • Rubber Velcro
  • Carrying Bag
  • Fit Model: 120/200 USA PLUG 110V